Manly Peak


By: Bob Bear


There are lots of Section activities to recount since our last Newsletter. First is the highly successful trip Polly Connable and Virgil Lewis led to MANLY PEAK, above the south end of Panamint Valley, on April 6. Polly delivered to a sizable crowd the flowers, mines and ghost towns she promised. The weatherman provided a sunny day, but scared half the crowd to an early departure with a bit of wind Saturday afternoon, which fortunately died down after dark. Those who remained to camp the second night in the Ballarat mesquite oasis scattered Sunday to such diverse places as ghostly Panamint City and swimming at Valley Wells, near Trona.

Everyone who climbed to Manly Peak's 7,196-foot summit, complete with mammoth class 3 rock climb summit monolith, was sure it deserves to be a QUALIFYING PEAK. Even the Van Pappelendams and Walt Heninger who jeeped up Goler Wash and met the hikers near the head of Redlands Canyon, found the final trailless scramble a strenuous workout. The hike up Redlands Canyon provides a view of spectacular dry Manly Falls, right at the mouth of the canyon, with a strategically located spring about halfway up the canyon.

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