Sheephole Mountains


By: Bob Bear


On January 26-27 some 75 Desert Peakers and their friends enjoyed the scheduled trip to the Sheephole Mts. A chartered bus carrying 40 people, organized by Walt Henninger, contributed largely to the tremendous turnout. Although rain and sleet pelted us driving to and from town, a brief snow flurry constituted the sole precipitation while we were "on location."

The Sheephole trip was notable all around. Those of us traveling by bus had swell meals both going and coming at San Gorgonio Inn at Banning. Our huge crowd Saturday eve necessitated two campfires. While Bea Carpenter and Jack Froud led a long songfest, we were treated first to sapotas from Wallace Smith's ranch in Vista and then to Summit Magazine's first birthday cake, presented to the DPS by Helen Kilness and Jean Crenshaw.

With cloudy, chilly weather, it was no occasion to sit around and vegetate. So Sunday found practically everyone out climbing the 4500-foot peak or exploring the gold mine. As substitute for Willard Dean, who has escaped the smog to Colorado, I managed to lead some 55 people up and down the trailless mountain without losing anyone. The only one who got lost was I. But charitable friends claimed the new route was shorter (if harder) than the one previously followed.

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