Tunnabora Peak


By: Parker Severson


The DPS climbing trip to Tunnabora Peak, led by George Wallerstein and Frank Sanborn, is described by George as follows:

"On Saturday, September 17, fourteen Sierra Clubbers left Whitney Portal shortly after 9:00 a.m. for the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek. The Ebersbacher ledges were found without difficulty and lunch was consumed at Clyde Meadow. Two hours later, they reached a timberline campsite just below the first lake in the upper North Fork valley.

"After a cold, damp night, everyone started up the long chute to Mt. Carillon shortly after 6:00 a. m. Light snow started falling soon after. Nine persons turned back after climbing Carillon. Bob Bear and Frank Sanborn climbed Mt. Russell from the Russell-Carillon Col via the east ridge, which is class three. The west peak could not be seen from the east peak, so they hurried back before too much snow would accumulate on the ridge. Barbara Lilley, Bob Sheller and George Wallerstein crossed the Russell-Carillon Col and reached Tulainyo Lake. Here increasing fog and snow made them decide to return without climbing Tunnabora.

"Everyone hurried down to the warmth of Owens Valley and reached the cars before 2:00 p.m."

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