Sheephole Mountains


By: Parker Severson


The trip to the Sheephole Mountains attracted 25 people on the week-end of February 12 - 13. This included a delegation of 6 from San Diego. Trip leaders were Bob Bear and Willard Dean. Camp was made on the brink of a deep wash near the Sheephole mines, about 25 miles beyond 29 Palms. The next morning I found fresh sheep tracks near camp. We were off for the mountain by 7:30 and reached the summit boulder at 11:00. This is one of the roughest rock scrambles in the desert. But picking our way around dry waterfalls and sheer ledges and boulders of all sizes and shapes up to the proportions of garages, proved to be very interesting. The weather was crisp and sunny, ideal for climbing. A few tiny snow patches lingered in shady nooks. Nineteen hikers made the 4,500 foot summit and enjoyed the usual leisurely lunch and siesta. The return was made by a slightly different route. Everyone agreed that here was another good peak to add to the qualifying list.

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