Black Mountain #6

Nov 1954

By: Willard Dean


One interesting DPS trip has been held since the last newsletter was published three weeks ago. Approximately 35 persons gathered at the campsite along the dry wash of Last Chance Canyon Saturday evening Nov ?. A campfire was made beneath a colorful rocky wall were leaders, Owen Blackburn and Lyle Pyatt, arranged a brief program of impromptu talks. Some of the rock-hounds present entertained the group by showing the exotic colors produced when one places rocks under a special light. Sunday morning the lazybones had a good chance to sleep late, for we started off at 8:45 on a caravan to the famous museum and tunnel of Burro Schmidt on Copper Mountain. We hiked through a mining tunnel about 1500 feet long to the other side of the mountain, carrying lanterns loaned by the museum. Another short ride took us to a saddle where we parked cars. After a lengthy hike along the road we climbed the mesa to Black Mountain. 27 made the top. The weather was fair and mild throughout the trip.

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