Tin Mountain, Dry Mountain

Thanksgiving 1953

By: Lloyd Balsam


DPS folks turned out in droves for the Thanksgiving weekend trip to Tin and Dry Mts. in the Death Valley vicinity. Bill and Margie Henderson squired some thirty-nine enthusiasts, including about eight youngsters ages 8-16, to the summit of Tin Mt. 8900', (Panamints) on Saturday. Sierra Club folks from as far north as San Mateo (Jules Eichorn and family) and as far south as San Diego-many represented-were on hand. On Sunday the group climbed Dry Mt., 8726', Last Chance Range, but many leaving early for home or other trips cut the climbing group to ten. A superb view of the Saline Valley was a highlight of the trip; two pairs of rams' horns were found in the desert solitudes near the base of the mtn., leading the climbers to think that they were the only remains of a mortal combat in days gone by.

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