Boundary Peak, Montgomery Peak


By: Lloyd Balsam


Brad Brush led some 17 people up Boundary and Montgomery in the lofty White Mts. on a new short route up from Trail Canyon on the east side. This new route was pioneered by Walt Heninger, John Wedberg and Brad last October. Twenty-one climbed Boundary alone. A number of wild horses were spotted on high 11,000 ft. ridges just overlooking the campsite which was in a grassy stream-quenched 10,000 ft. meadow, two miles from the cars. Tip of the topper goes to young Ken Rich, Jr., age 10, who made both peaks with father Ken. Your Chairman, presented an honorary membership in the DPS to young Ken for his feat. The round trip from the campsite took a scant 10 hours-all day light for a change, with much to spare. Montgomery Pk. which is reached via Boundary is a very interesting 2nd class scramble which goes to 13,465 ft. and overlooks the Sierra from a sharp cliff. Clem Todd displayed his nerves of steel by doing a handstand near the precipious edge amid anxious watchers.

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