Coxcomb Mountains, Spectre Point


By: John Delmonte


Bill Henderson led an enthusiastic group on an exploratory trip to the Coxcomb Mts. On November 27th to November 30th. Among those on the Coxcomb trip were Eric Kent, Roland Kent, Walt Heninger, Bernice Heninger, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferrier, June Kilbourne, Ed Peterson, Dorothy Cutler, Irene Charnock, Betty Robinson, Margaret and Bill Henderson, Gary Bratt (Asst. leader), Georgie White, Dick Woodward, Elgin Pierce, Frank Sandborn, guest, Herman Schneider, Dick Kenyon, Dick Livingston, and Bob Schmetzer.

The group named some of the peaks in the Coxcomb range. On the first day, 15 climbed the peak on the lower part of the range, calling it "Turkey Roost". Seven were on the 2nd day's hike, going up "Long" Canyon, climbed "Plymouth Rock" Peak, and then up "Unconformity" Peak. Plymouth Rock was in black volcanic rocks and the peak was shot with white quartz, giving the colors of Plymouth Rock poultry. The third and last day of the Thanksgiving vacation was used by 21 persons to climb Spector Peak, the high point of the range. Appropriately, the ascending and descending Canyon was named "Wall Street". Towering rock "skyscrapers" on either side of the narrow sandy-bottomed canyon created a very vivid picture of a big city street. We are indebted to Margie Henderson for this interesting account.

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