The Thumb


By: John Delmonte


Led by Lloyd Balsam and Parker Severson the Thumb (13,885') a prominent sharp-pointed pinnacle on the Sierra Crest between Middle Palisade and Birch Mt., was climbed on Labor Day Weekend, August 30th and 31st. Among those who made the trip were: Willard Dean, Bob Bear, Lloyd and Rosie Balsam, Niles and Louise Werner, Elgin Pierce, Georgie White, Marie Smith, Freda Walbrecht, Art Widmer, Jill Johnson, Carl Bartch, Lucy Grozescu and Parker Severson. As related by Parker Severson, the climb started on Sunday morning with perfect weather. Camp had been made at McMurray Meadow (9,500') on the evening before. A few snow patches were crossed on the way up. The group came across the wreckage of a bomber which had crashed into the North face of Birch Mt. during the last war. By noon the pinnacle of the Thumb was reached. The view from the Thumb proved awesome, with the lake-studded Palisade Basin below.

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