White Mountain Peak


By: John Delmonte


Led by Jerry Zagorites of San Diego and assisted by Skip Johnson, a thoroughly delightful though strenuous weekend was enjoyed by the Sierra Clubbers and their guests. As related to the writer by Bob Bear, considerable quantities of snow were still present on White Mountain. The rough, unpaved road from Westgaard Pass presented the usual amount of difficulty. Some of the cars could make the steep grades only by driving up in reverse. However, most of the group settled near Mc Afee Meadow in the late afternoon. Eileen Buck, Gary Brady, and Bob Kinney showed real enthusiasm by hiking in about 18 miles from where their car had stalled.

The next day found 26 making White Mountain Peak. Jerry Zagorites and Frances Johnson are now eligible for the Desert Peak Emblem. Congratulations !!! Particular congratulations to Frances for her 'double effort'. Emily Bear approached her emblem qualification by hiking the climb, Kerry Rich, age 9 years, is probably the youngest to reach the peak. Ken Rich, Jim Gorin, Carl Heller, Frank Sanborn, Mary Galton, Dick Woodward, Bob Schmelzer and the many others who made the climb, found the trip most interesting and White Mt. one of the more beautiful Desert Peaks. Bob Bear reported that the average climbing time to the peak was about 4-1/2 hours from Mc Afee Meadow.

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