Mount Humphreys, Mount Agassiz


By: John Delmonte


The May 30th weekend produced an eventful and successful visit to the San Francisco Peaks, near Flagstaff, Arizona. Louise and Niles Werner led a coterie of well known Desert Peakers to the high point of Arizona, Mt. Humphreys. There were nineteen who made the long drive to Flagstaff, including the Robert Bears, Louise and Niles Werner, Willard and Marion Dean, the Walter Collins, Byron and Eleanor Graf, Chuck Gerkens, Lillian Steele; Parker Severson, Stanton Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Otis McAllister. McAllister, a visitor from Mexico City, has a remarkable career exploring and climbing among the mountainous regions of Mexico.

Louise Werner estimates that the climb up Mt. Humphreys covered about 8 miles, though a longer period was required to include Mt. Agassiz. Thirteen members made the first peak and eight the second peak. Though a few snow patches were crossed, not too much difficulty was encountered in making the climb.

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