Telescope Peak


By: John Delmonte


D.P.S. activities displayed renewed vigor during the past month with the Telescope Peak climb on May 18th and the Sari Francisco Peaks (Arizona) on May 30th weekend. The unusually large turnout at the Telescope trip bears witness to the popularity of this climb, which overlooks both Death Valley and Panamint Valley. Sierra Club members began arriving at the "Beehives" or kilns in Wildrose Canyon on Saturday, May 17th. By hiking time at 1:00 P.M., about 25 were ready for the relatively easy trek up to Wildrose Peak. It was a little on the cool side, though on reaching the summit, a register was placed for future use. To the Southeast, Telescope Peak presented an inspiring spectacle for Sunday's climb. On returning to the campsite at the kilns, we were relieved to find that Janet Delmonte had persuaded a somewhat reluctant ranger to grant permission to the group to remain for the night.

Nightfall found more cars coming up from Los Angeles, swelling the group to some 60 Sierra Clubers and guests. Among those in attendance were: John, Janet, Joan, Jocelyn, Judith, and Jim Delmonte; Carl Heller; Luther Eggman; Jean Campbell; Adele Millind; Jim Bonner; Dick Woodward; Frank Sanborn; Jack Lauterbach; John Jones; Jill Johnson; Merlin Thayer; Willard, Marion, and Sally Dean; Bob Weakley; Kenneth McCormack; Fred Bode, Sr. and Jr.; Ruth and Wayne McCartney; Donna Morrey; Dorothea Miles; Walter Higgins; Nona Cannier; Bob Thayer; Alice Buckley; Mary Greer; Louise and Niles Werner; Bob Schmelzer; Joan Kilbourne; Ed, Peggy, Chris, and Mary Vance; Jan Links; Kathleen Karper; Lucien Wellborn; Ed Plant; Dick Kenyon; Stanton Smith; Joseph Hall; Fred Borncamp; Hertha Werner; Adrienne Thirkell; Dick Shafer; Laury Sinz; Paul Lemorie; Gene Ramstedt; Jerry Gallowas; Bryce Miller; and Erich Smith. Singing and tall tales were featured at the campfire that night.

The next day the climb up Telescope Peak took place. Led by John Delmonte, and very ably assisted by Carl Heller, some fifty individuals reached the summit. A few snowbanks were crossed, though the snow had softened sufficiently to permit a firm footing, even on the steep slopes. By 4:00 P.M. all cars were headed for points South, as they left Wildrose Canyon.

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