Big Maria Mountains, Coxcomb Mountains


By: Bob Bear


Over the four-day Now Year's Day week-end, Bill Henderson was once again leading a DPS trip with the aid of Margie. This time it was to explore the BIG MARIA AND COXCOMB mountain ranges out in the Colorado Desert north of Blythe and Desert Center. A cold rainy day which soaked everyone to the skin and buried the range in clouds didn't foil Bill and his determined followers in the assault on the high point of the Big Maria's. Once again Bill proved his skill as a leader by finding the summit in the clouds and locating the cars after dark. The weatherman favored the trippers a couple of days later when they scaled the high point of the Coxcomb Mts., but they still had rugged, steep, up and down going which provided an exhausting day of climbing. Looks like the dozen odd people who started off 1952 the rugged way with the Hendersons uncovered a couple of worthy new desert peaks to add to our qualifying list.

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