Picacho Peak, Castle Dome Peak


By: Bob Bear


PICACHO PEAK AND CASTLE DOME over the long Thanksgiving week-end started the parade of trips. Lloyd Balsam and Walt Collins lured thirty people out on this long 750 mile trip over near Yuma. These low but rugged peaks proved an ideal choice of climbs for a week-end that started rainy and ended up clear but cold. Both of the peaks rise so steeply above their surroundings as to appear impossible. However, Castle Dome was climbed without ropes, while Picacho is a real rock climb, involving an amazing sequence of rock lodges and pitches. It was mighty comforting to have a couple of agile rock climbers along like Ray Van Aken and Tom Kendig to lead the tough pitches. All who made this trip brought back vivid memories of the colorful rocks and vegetation of the Colorado River area as well as of the poor desert roads.

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