Mount Agassiz


By: Bob Bear


The trip to MT. AGASSIZon Sept. 15 and 16 seemed in many ways a retake of the Mallory trip; the same comfortably short back-pack, a scenic high camp near a timberline tarn, with only a relatively short climb to the peak, which permitted of a reasonably early return to civilization Sunday night. On both trips local Desert Peakers were outnumbered by San Diegans and other non-members of the DPS. All the way up from South Lake the lakes and streams were well-populated with fishermen, and several of our group swelled their ranks at our private high-camp lake. Although numerous trout were visible both under water and jumping, they gave our eager fishermen little play. Thanks to an early start and Freda's route-scouting last year, she had the entire party on top by 9:30 a.m. Coming up from the Bishop Pass side of the peak, it was a sudden thrill upon arriving at the summit to have all the familiar Palisade country opened to close-up view.

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