Hart Peak (Arizona), Kessler Peak (Arizona)


By: Bob Bear


Bill Henderson led his favorite kind of trip the week-end of May 26-27: an EXPLORATORY EXPEDITION to the Ivanpah and Castle Mts. near the California-Nevada line on the road to Las Vegas. The weather was more than a little warm, but all ten participants felt the trip well worth while. Bill carried a full passenger list in his truck and the Van Pappelendams took their car to round out the party. A visit to the N. Y. Mts. had been planned, but an unfriendly gate marked "No Trespassing" caused them to leave that range for another time. In the Castle Mts. their objective was a steep volcanic plug called Hart Peak which had to be circled and ascended from the back side because the front was too precipitous. Kessler Peak in the Ivanpah Mts. was climbed as per schedule. Unfortunately your writer failed to absorb all the facts which made Bill so enthusiastic in relating the interest of this trip. But maybe we can all better visualize its attractions at the next DPS Dinner Program at Boos Bros. On Sept. 7 when the program will cover just such exploratory trips.

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