New York Butte


By: Bob Bear


CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIE SMITH AND ROSEMARIE BALSAM for becoming emblem members of the DPS. They achieved this lofty estate by virtue of conquering massive New York Butte as members of an outlaw party on the week-end of May 12-13. In addition to the two above, the party included Eleanor Smith, Lloyd Balsam, and the Deans, Marion and Willard. Their route was up the popular trail from Dead Mule Springs, involving back-packing as far as the Vergess Mine. Like so many climbing N. Y. Butte for the first time, Marie was much impressed with the tremendous view of the Sierra Crest, White Mountain and the Saline Valley and was confused with the illogical placement of the cairn on a nob other than the obvious high point bearing the survey marker. Their trip was made more interesting through meeting Mr. Shannon, the new owner of the mines in the area, who told of his desert mining experiences. They also met Henry, the caretaker, who is changing the face of the landscape at the spring by starting a little irrigated garden. For my part, I'll believe it when I see it!

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