Pyramid Peak


By: Bill Henderson


This is the high point of the Funeral Mtns. The people with whom I have talked who made the climb have the highest of praise for the interest and splendid views of Death Valley. They stated that it appeared to be a rock climb except for the route they used. The following account is by Walter Heninger of this climb by Bob Bear, Fritz Sloman, Toni Gamero, Ruth and Frank Ferro, and Walt and Bernice Heninger. They camped at the "132 Headed Cactus" which is 10 miles west of Death Valley Junction and eight miles east of Furnace Creek Inn, and just about a hundred yards south of the main highway. We should have driven north across the desert from this point toward, the low point in the pass, just east of Pyramid Peak.

Looking northward from our camping place, the highest point seen actuallyisthe summit of Pyramid Peak. With good binoculars the tripod can be seen on the mountain top.

We believe that the following is the most practical route. From our camp, looking almost due north, just to the left of the pass, one can see an outcropping of light colored rock or dirt. Head up the canyon aiming to strike the ridge just to the left of this white outcropping. Don't let yourself be tempted to take a "short cut" up one of the side canyons to the left until you have almost reached the white formation.

From the point where you strike the ridge (to the west of the white rock) the best route is very clear. Just keep to the ridge. Very little elevation will be lost during the climb. The summit was slightly to the right of where we expected to find it during the first part of our climb. All agreed that, without lowering their standard, the DPS could add to their list of qualifying climbs the name of Pyramid Peak.

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