White Mountain Peak, Mount Dubois, Montgomery Peak


By: Bill Henderson


The week following our Mt. Du Bois trip over the fourth of July, was a free one for Fritz Sloman. He had enjoyed the Du Bois country enough that he went back this following week to see more of it. His first night's camp was at the aspen grove about 3 miles above Post Meadow, on the route to Cabin Creek, just as you start up the wooded slope. The following day he packed via Cabin Creek to the 14,000 ft. level, about 1/2 mile north of White Mtn., and made camp here on the ridge. The next day he visited the summit of White Mtn. and then packed back to Pellisier Flats. The following day he went to Du Bois, then on north to attempt Montgomery Peak. The ridge up the south side of Montgomery he pictures as rough, pinnacled, interesting, beautiful glaring white, and worth being scheduled sometime. But Fritz had to get back to town that night, so he turned back before going all the way to the summit.

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