Telescope Peak


By: Bill Henderson


This was the record breaker 41 hikers and one dog made the summit successfully under the excellent well-paced leadership of Henry Greenhood. The contingent consisted of Henry Greenhood, Ruby Wacker, Mary Hampton, Thomas Kendig, Floyd Henny, Beverly Beck, Fran Johnson, Charles Miller, Garland Taylor, Gene Piachel, Rosemarie and Lloyd Balsam, Alda, Al, and Pat VanPappelendam; Alden Hilton, Bernice and Walter Henninger, Cornie Jurabin, Emily and Bob Bear, Gillis Linhart, Eleanor Knowlton, Pauline Green, Marie Smith, Bob Perkins, Bert Hatch, R.C. Woodward, Jr., Don Molly, Mildred Maddox, Eleanor Ruth, Ralph Koste, Louise Johnson, Paul W. Johnson, Fritz Sloman, Bill Krupp, Oscar Krupp, Fritz Borencamp, Channey Borencamp (dog), Beth Torey, Margaret Boyle, Eilien Buck. The majority are non-Desert Peakers. It is very encouraging to have so many new corners. The hike started promptly at 6:00 A.M. and the summit was reached at 10:30.

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