Charleston Peak

May 1950

By: Bill Henderson


The 40 on Mt. Charleston was described as very enjoyable. 18 climbers made the summit on Sunday. They were Polly Connable, John Cross, Rosie Kent, Elsie Kent, Eric Kent, Lloyd Balsam, Marie Smith, Eleanor Smith, Tom Brown (guest), Louise Werner, Niles Werner, David Thorn, Alden Hilton, Muriel Pope, Walter Collins, Florence Collins, Byron Groff, Gordon Uright. Niles, Louise, and Polly used a trailless route from the southeast. The remainder of the party went by trail. Both climbs commenced from Kyle Canyon.

After returning from the summit Sunday evening, the group departed for Lake Mead where a sleeping bagless night was spent. Because of the high temperatures, the climbs of Mt. Wilson and Fortification Hill were cancelled, and the boat trip was taken on Monday instead of Tuesday. It lasted 4-1/2 hours, and in addition to those who climbed Charleston, the following people went nautical - Parker Severson, Freda Walbrecht, Harry Connable, Alan Balsam, Hotcake Harry (Whitney, Nev.), Aurelia Schur (Los Vegas, Nov.), Alice Caflesch, Gladys Casperson, Kasper Casperson, Viola Reed, R. J. Ledwon, Alice Carol Ledwon, Johnny Leduon, Jennie Gustafson, Georgia White, Elgin Pierce, Martha Eck, Elisa Duval, Hr. and Mrs. C.S. Warren, Roy Wright, Leota Wright, Rose Frazier, Mary M. Freidrick, Lewine Bistline, Oscar Mitchell, Carol Snothan, Walter McKay, nnd Tony Gamoro. Regardless of the heat, a joyous campfire was staged that night with songs by the "Smith Songsters".

On Monday before heading for home, many of the group toured Boulder Dam and City.

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