Volcano Peak


By: Bill Henderson


Parker Severson, leading a rather novice lot up to Volcano Peak back of Little Lakes, perhaps helped condition some of the new-comers to the DPS. Besides such old-timers (on DPS trips, not years) as Walter and Bernice Heninger, Chester Versteeg, Alta Van Pappebendam, Willard Dean, Margie and Bill Henderson, Fritz Sloman, and Parker, there were some relatively new faces on the top, such as "Sparky" Wilson with four of his "boys", Jim Gardener, Dick Lindner, Tom Peterson, and Thayer Crandall; John Del Monte and his son, Jim, and two unidentified climbers.

The group met in Red Rock Canyon which was the Friday night camp spot. Saturday morning they drove to various near-by places of interest where "Sparky" could tell them about the geological aspects of the countryside. At 10:00 A.M. the group, some 35 strong, wandered over a pasture behind Little Lake to study a rock-mound covered thickly with Indian petrogyphics. A large and fully bloomed purple "Beaver Tail" cactus sent some of the photographers scurrying up the rock for a closer picture. Hitting the hot and sandy trail toward Volcano Mt. the group eventually reached the rough and deep...red lava flow which had oozed over the divide toward which we were headed. Because of the heat and the distance, a portion of the group did not go beyond this divide. Perhaps they looked up the steep side of the volcano and decided the soft cinders weren't too navigable - which they weren't! But 17 were on top that day. A strong wind, though warm, was welcome. Needless to say, the soda fountain at Little Lake did a rushing business when that gang returned.

The next day was spent in Last Chance Canyon in the El Paso Mountains where the remaining 25 persons found some fire opals. The Old Dutch Cleanser Mine and the Petrified Forest were visited.

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