East Ord Mountain


By: Anonymous


Annual Old Timers Trip Report

We captured a bunch of Old Tymers for our Saturday climb of East Ord Mountain. To begin the trip just right for our folks, the meeting time was 10:30 am! Pat and Dean Acheson were kind enough to use their eagle eyes and rescue a small portion of the group who neglected a right turn. These folks were at the mine instead of at the canyon trailhead.

Most 2WD were able to make it to the 2WD parking area, where all vehicles parked. We started for the peak about 11 am at a slow pace. We were able to hike up the road for a short distance then follow the canyon and stay in class 2 areas all the way to the peak. Steve Smith and his son Skyler helped lead the peak, Skylar doing great on the climb. Our slow pace got us back to the cars late afternoon. We decided to camp where the cars were parked, and made short order of getting a fire going because of the cold temperatures.

Once again Pat and Dean rescued the trip by being the only soles to provide something hot for supper, with a taco soup. There were two salads, and about 6 desserts, including two birthday cakes for Jim Hinkley and Linda McDermott (who turned 55). Dessert got even more exciting when we figured out that Ann Marie Schoberís chocolate mousse would be a perfect topping for the cake!

We had a pancake breakfast on Sunday then everyone headed for home. A great weekend, with special thanks to Pat/Dean Acheson and Steve Smith for taking the lead of the trip when Eric Siering had an offer to go overseas. Particpants: Pat/Dean Acheson, Steve/Skyler Smith, Neal Scott, Linda McDermott, Jim Hinkley, Gene Mauk, Duane McRuer, Rich Gnagy, Anne Marie Schober, Fred Smith, Diane Dunbar, Winnette Butler, Pat/Frank Arredondo, Dennis Richards, Judy Hummerich, Damon Vincent, Richard Whitcomb. Frank Dobos and Shane Smith also enjoyed the desert during the trip.

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