Canyon Point


By: Linda McDermott


After Gary’s list finish on Corkscrew, a small contingent took off for Canyon Point after the pancake breakfast. We drove to Stovepipe Wells, then drove per DPS instructions to the roadhead. The road in was slow and sandy in spots, however we were able to drive and park almost right at the turnaround with 4WD vehicles. The steep 50’ ascent to the wash on the right was immediately obvious. From there, it was the usual hike up the wash to the ridge up Canyon Point. The day was gorgeous, not too hot.

We got back to the pavement about 5:00, just after dark. The drive in and out takes a good hour each way.

The hearty souls who piled into three 4WD vehicles were: Jim Hinidey, Judy Hummerich, Richard Whitcomb, Edna Erspamer and her friend Ed, Patty Rambert, Ron Hudson, Linda Roman, John Strauch, Linda McDermott and Rich Gnagy.

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