Mount Dubois


By: Linda McDermott


Dubois isn't easy via any route I've traveled so far. Our small group tried a route Vic Henney found via Indian Creek. Driving directions: From Dyer, Nevada (Area 4 on the AAA Eastern Sierra map), go north on Route 264 about 7.2 miles to the Indian Creek major dirt road (second major dirt road after leaving Dyer). On the map, this road heads for Mt. Hogue. Stay on the main dirt road, bearing right at a fork mid-way. You'll come across a good, large campspot on the right where 2WD can park. Thanks to Neal Scott who led us in and left signs for others, my Toyota truck went another mile or so to meet the others at a small campspot after crossing three streams and avoiding/dodging many rocks.

In the morning, we had an "E" ticket 4WD adventure, and MY adventure was heightened because I rode with Tom Sumner. Tom and Neal had worked for hours the previous afternoon to help with the road. We eventually made it to a fenced cow pasture where we parked. It took an hour from where we started. From there, we followed the obvious main ridge to our right which led 4000'up to the main Dubois plateau. It took another two hours to reach the peak where we found a register, and I pointed out to Vic which of the other bumps had a benchmark. We explored this peaklet too, and headed back. The plateau was spectacular, with small flowers and butterflies/moths all over. We traveled back down the expansive plateau, down the ridge then drove down to the good 2WD campsite for a potluck.It took us about 10-1/2 hours to do the peak this way, leaving at 8:00 am and getting back about 6:30 pm. Richard, Judy and I were to do Boundary and Montgomery the next day, but I was too pooped, and the others thankfully were too tired to try them also. No one climbed the next day, so we enjoyed coffee and conversation then left.

My thanks to Vic & Sue Henney and Tom Sumner for leading such a great trip. Participants: Vic and Sue Henney, Tom Sumner, Richard Whitcomb, Judy Hummerick, Neal Scott, Jim Hinkley and me.

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