Telescope Peak

19-Jun-99 (Canyon Explorer's Club)

By: Linda McDermott


All the Canyon Explorer Club trips I've been on have just been fantastic, so I was honored when Dick Miller called to ask that I schedule a peak climb for the Club. My daughter and I had climbed Telescope over 20 years ago and I remembered it being an easy trail climb, something everyone in reasonable shape can accomplish, so that was my choice. Besides, I begged Bruno Geiger to bring his skirt and try to beat me at pancake flipping on Sunday, so the trip was a go. I let good buddy Sue Holloway know about the trip, and discovered that she wanted to make the trip her 50th (as in half century) birthday celebration. The wheels started turning about how to help her celebrate.

We met to leave for the peak about 7:30 am. I had picked a cloudless, yet very warm day, warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt that early in the morning. Our strong group spread out a bit, but we all were able to follow the trail to the top of the peak and get there between 11:30 and 12:00 noon.

Upon cue, we started celebrating Sue's birthday when the Roaches held up a Happy Birthday sign, those assigned blew up balloons, and Sue unwrapped the cake Jim Hinkley had hauled up the peak. (Yes, it was sideways, but I had put the pan between two cardboard soda boxes and it traveled fine). Evelyn Reher iced the cake, Judy Hummerick put on the 50 (yes 50) candles and I started to have the two candle lighters do their job when Sara Wyrens plaintiffly said, "What about the sprinkles?" She then sprinkled her assigned duty (the sprinkles) on the cake as well as on Sue Holloway. The candle lighters (Bruce Trotter and Cliff Jones) tried to do what they could while others held up the Sue Holloway show , s off new cardboard, but the wind 50-year-old "permissible" only allowed about 3 colors on shorts and hat. candles to be lit. The rest of the assigned singers did their "Happy Birthday" number and Sue blew out her candles. She then had two people give her presents - a banner with everyone's signature and really weird colored shorts and umbrella hat now appropriate for her age.

We started down about 12:30 pm and made it back to the cars about 4:00 pm to start a happy hour that never really ended. We had loads of food and wine, plus were able to laugh and enjoy Bruno's skirt, margaritas and taquitos. At the campfire we enjoyed another cake (decorated on the spot with re-used candles) and then all watched Phil Reher properly roast a marshmallow for S'mores while we (especially Lori Beck) properly roasted him. Thanks for being such a wonderful sport, Phil!

Sunday morning we had a quick pancake breakfast (yes, Bruno's pancakes DID look better than mine) but it was all the same batter (including the cranberries Bruno had soaked overnight for the batter). Everyone took off for Fathers' Day celebrations or other events and we all were gone by about 8:30 am.

There were too many participants to mention everyone, however we had 35 people start out on the hike and about 3 more show up for the party. My thanks to the Canyon Explorer's Club for allowing such a great trip, and thanks to my two assistants Bruno Geiger and Bruce Trotter. A very special Happy 1/2 Century Birthday wish to Sue Holloway!!

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