Nelson Range

16-Jan-99 (Double List Finish)

By: Vic Henney, Sue Wyman


Sue and I joined by 24 others at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning at the junction of the Saline Valley and White Talc Mine roads. The occasion was also my 55th birthday as well as being our third time to complete the DPS list. We all drove to the turn off for Nelson at which point we consolidated into 4WD vehicles and drove up to the cabin below the peak. The road requires at least sturdy high clearance vehicles if not 4WD's in a couple of spots. The cabin was occupied by a young couple, probably anticipating a weekend of solitude and a bit surprised by the appearance of a dozen vehicles. They soon decided to depart for Saline Hot Springs. The hike up went well. Everyone that started made the peak including Edna Erspamer who announced to everyone that this would be her last DPS peak. But I think that she has said that before. The weather was absolutely perfect, more like a late spring day than a mid-January day. The celebration on top was great, with lots of Sekt (German champagne), good food and a great group of friends. We had one minor mishap on the way down, a twisted ankle, but finally made it back to the cars and began the long drive to Saline Hot Springs to continue the party. Ron-Ron Young and "MaryMuir" McMannes and Bob Meador had to leave us at that point due to other "commitments" and somehow we managed to lose Ron Grau to a flat tire before we reached Saline, but the rest of us made it in good order just about sunset.

We had a very nice evening at the hot springs with a potluck, singing, great camaraderie and of course some time soaking in the hot springs. Keith Martin set up his telescope and was able to get some really spectacular sights. Tom Sumner had promised us a sip of his much coveted Spanish champagne but alas!, it never appeared. He was too worried about running out of gas and being stuck at Saline. I know Tomas doesn't want anyone to know this, but we even saw him slipping into the hot springs in the wee hours of the morning when he thought no one would be looking!

The next morning Edna Erspamer prepared a sumptuous pancake breakfast ably assisted by Mirna Roach and Keats Hayden. After another dip in the hot springs most Gwen of Us headed home. We took a brief side trip with Greg and Mirna to explore a bit of Hunter Canyon, a very rugged canyon with some neat waterfalls and quite a bit of water, water that goes underground before reaching the valley floor.

Many thanks to all those that helped us celebrate! In addition to those noted above were Sherry Harsh, Karen Leonard, Yvonne and Scot Jamison, Tom Scott, Hembrock, Bill Gray, Charlie Knapke and Devra Wasserman, Adrienne Knute and Carl Faber, Barbara and Dave Scholle, Ret Moore and hopefully I haven't missed anyone.

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