Charleston Peak

3-Oct-98 (Private Trip)

By: Linda McDermott


Charleston Peak 3-Oct-98 (Private Trip) Linda McDermott

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend in Kyle Canyon, just north of Las Vegas. Almost everyone was amazed to find pine trees (including bristlecone pines), golden-leaved aspen trees, cool weather, and a typical back-east type atmosphere.

Most everyone arrived Friday night, camping for free in an open area about 1/4 mile just south of the Trail Canyon trailhead (the north loop trailhead) for Charleston Peak. The wind during the night was fierce, and worried me for the next day's climb, but there was almost no wind when we began the climb at 6:30 am on Saturday. Seventeen brave souls started out for the climb, and 14 made the peak, plus an additional three also climbing Mummy Mountain.

We climbed to the first saddle, then to the only water source (a small spring), past the cut off point to Mummy, and finally to the long winding way up Charleston. At 11,915', Charleston Peak slowed down a few of us toward the top, but our brave souls all made it about noon. We had lunch on top then descended to the Mummy trailhead where Bruce and Brian, and eventually Mitch Miller, climbed the 11,528' peak. Those hardy souls climbed over 6200' of gain, and 21.5 miles while the rest of us climbed 4300' and 18 miles up Charleston.

Everyone gathered for a pot luck dinner, including Ping's homemade tamales, quesadillas, salads, macaroni & cheese, and a variety of other dishes. We had a campfire, however everyone was fairly tired and went to bed early. In the morning, there was a pancake breakfast during which I vowed never to allow Bruno and Ping to show me up at the griddle. Bruno brought a absolutely wonderful Teflon griddle, and Ping quickly learned how to make incredible beautiful pancakes while I kept telling everyone that "it's not how they look, because they all taste the same." My pancakes looked pretty poor. Then Bryan Geiger took over my skillet and his pancakes looked pretty darned good. He made a huge one at the end, which he saved for himself.

We all had a grand time, laughed a lot, and celebrated the wonderful environment and friends. A special thanks to those leaders who helped me. Those participating: dayhikers: Anne Fox, June Box and Ping Pfeffer; Charleston Peak climbers: Brian & Janice Elliott, Bruno and Bryan Geiger, Gary James, Bruce Trotter, Pat Arredondo, Ada and Beri Bosnjak, Mitch Miller and Kat Rasure, Julie Rush, Jim Hinkley and Linda McDermott. Those who went up Mummy: leader Bruce Trotter, Brian Elliott and Mitch Miller (those Desert Peak types who NEEDED the peak).

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