Palen Mountains, Big Maria Mountains

24-Feb-98 (Private Trip)

By: Neal Scott


Ted Brasket, Jeanette Vincent and I drove into the 2wd trailhead for Palen Mtn (near the stone cabin) and set up camp. On Tuesday Feb 24 we left for the peak at 07:55. Ted led us up the 3 rd class ridge between routes B & C in the DPS guide. We started out with a weak sun, but as the day went along clouds started moving in. High up on the ridge we went left around a large bump and on to the peak. We were on top at 10:27; 2 hrs 32 min up. We had lunch on top with some great views of the incoming rain. After lunch we started down a steep gully west of the route C gully which eventually merged with route C. About 30 minutes from the cars it started raining and continued all the way to the trailhead. We were back at the cars at 1.36 pm. We drove over to the trailhead for Big Maria and camped and on Feb 25 Ted and I left the trailhead at 07:40 and headed for the wash in the writeup. Up in the wash a ways a ridge appeared to the right. We went up the ridge to approximately 3000' and then from there to the peak. We were on top at 09:50, had a short break and were back at the cars at 12:00. 4 hrs 20 round trip. Jeanette sat this one out for she got punctured by some plant and had a very swollen finger. It is always a pleasure to climb with Ted and Jeanette.

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