Sheephole Mountains

25-Apr-97 (Private trip)

By: Linda McDermott


In my quest to finish this DPS list, I've resorted to begging those with time on their hands (i.e. retired folks) to go with me on Fridays to climb peaks. Neal Scott and Duke Blakesley were kind enough to go with on Friday, April 25 to do Sheephole.

We met Thursday night at the microwave tower per the DPS guide. Early Friday morning we drove for a bit, although it would've been just as well to have hiked from the microwave tower considering the time we spent driving and short distance saved on the "A" route. We only had 2-wheel drive vehicles and didn't want to take chances.

The route went well per the Guide. Fortunately. the canyon was shaded in the morning, and there was a nice wind most of the day. We found ourselves boulder hopping a bit, and I had to be coaxed across the step-across and last rock scramble up the south side of the summit area. Neal and Duke were real sports at helping.

The fellows couldn't believe that a picture of us taken on top the peak with a small disposable camera, held at arms length, would really come out so I wanted to share our success in this area.

The trip off the peak was about the same as going up, and fortunately the wind really did make both going up and coming off the peak very enjoyable. My thanks to Neal and Duke for leading the trip. I went to meet the Chili Cookoff crowd on Friday night while Duke and Neal went on to do East Ord on Saturday before the cookoff.

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