Coyote Peak, Rabbit Peak


By: John McCully, Asher Waxman


Unlisted Coyote Mtn (3192:) lies just to the South of Rabbit. Devra Wasserman, Fred Smith and Larry Shumway joined us about 12:30 at benchmark Noll, a wide spot 5.4 miles from S-22 on the Rockhouse Truck Trail. The truck trail is shown on the Auto Club San Diego County map and can easily be done by 2WD (albeit slowly). We did Coyote by heading South up the ridge just to the West of Noll, getting back to the cars before five, and a number of other participants began to show up for the Rabbit (6640) hike to be done the next day. Larry and Fred decided to pass on Rabbit and left.

While descending Coyote Asher and I looked at the ridges on the other side of the valley and selected one that had a 30 degree bearing from Noll (Rabbit is 40 degrees) and at 6AM the nest morning we started marching. One participant did great while the going was smooth but signed out when the ground got rough higher on the ridge.

The ridge proved to be a good one, but Rabbit is a tough peak by any route, and several more participants had dropped out by the time we got to the top at 1 PM. We got back to the cars about 7, just after dark.

Other than those mentioned above the participants were Jane Gibbons, Cathy Reynolds, Diane Fried, Basil Anton, Jim Harry, David Baldwin. Bryan Smith and Elaine Baldwin.

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