Canyon Point, Tucki Mountain


By: George Toby, Ron Young


We met Sat Feb 15 7:00 am at Stovepipe Wells Campground in Death Valley. This was a large group of 20 very social DPS'ers. We consolidated into 4`WD vehicles for the drive to the trailhead. We used the new route described by Fred Camphausen in the July 1991 Sage, reference 1986 7 1/2 minute Emigrant Canyon map. We caravaned S on State 190 to the junction of the Emigrant Canyon Rd, then 1.5 mile per the map (or 1.3 mile per my odometer) to a faint track that crosses the wash that heads N on a fairly good road for 1.3 mile, then E for 7.9 mile to turn N up a steep track to park on a small plateau at 5200'. From the peak you can actually see the cars. The hike in has many ups and downs, crossing several E-W canyons. The 6726' summit is just a rounded high point. On the return we changed course to visit the Martin Cabin at the W end of the canyon before the cars. It is well stocked with water and the floor is carpeted. Actually livable.

Stats: 7.2 mile rt, About 2400' gain(my calculations due to the ups & downs).

We returned to Stovepipe Wells for a happy Hour that became dinner and a big evening social. We had enough food for twice our numbers and celebrated Mary Motherall's 53rd Birthday, carrot cake and all. A very happy group.

San Feb 16; re-loaded into the 4 wheelers and headed W for Marble/Cottonwood Canyons. The tourist washboard road ends abruptly in about 8 miles and becomes a more or less 4WD wash per the Desert Peaks Guide 2.22 - However the road is washed out about 3/4 mile from the normal road head. Fortunately there was good parking at the washout. The hike began there. At roads end the proposed chute to the left (S) of the dry waterfall was washed out. So we thrashed our way up to the wash and followed it W to a saddle at 5200'; then right N-NW up a black ridge to the peak 5890' The descent was pure fun. Big steps straight down a steep scree slope. Dropped 1500' in 15 minutes back dou·n to the original wash. The faster hikers were out to the road in 1 hr, 15 mins.

Stats: 3100', 6-1/2 mile rt. All hands drove back to Stovepipe to discharge passengers and head for home. The weather was beautiful both days. This was a very pleasant and sociable trip. Participants were: Roy Magnuson, Mary McMannes, Linda McDermott, Graham Breakwell. John Doble, Mary Motheral, Pete Yamagata, Rose Stein, John Gibba, Diane & Dennis Baker, Judy Ware, Dolores Holladay, Edna Erspamer, Janet Strom, Spencer Berman, Richard Whitcomb. Judy Hummerich, and the Leaders. Many thanks to Ron Young for his super co-lead.

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