Boundary Peak, Montgomery Peak


By: Campy Camphausen


The trip was scheduled as a one day climb. It followed the now-standard approach from the California side. Earlier writes have described this approach.

The meeting place was a mile or so up the approach road where I suggested people could crash after driving during the night. That's where we found them. The road begins opposite the old Janie's Ranch brothel on Highway 6 just inside the Nevada border. Boundary Peak had a thin coat of snow from the first dusting of the season on the day before. Barbara Reber co-led the climb.

We left the vehicles at 10,000 feet and climbed upward to the ridge with its level trail to Trail Canyon Saddle. At the saddle we picked up an additional climber who had arrived earlier from the eastern side. Two people in our group decided not to continue. By 10 am the snow that we had seen was pretty much gone. We started arriving on Boundary Peak around 11 am. I asked Bill Bradley to take along anyone who wanted to do Montgomery. Three people took off for the peak and we waited until they were back at the saddle before we started down from Boundary.

The weather was nice and warm when the wind wasn't blowing. The wind was strongest in the morning—the tail end of a mostly dry front. The last of the group arrived back at the cars around 5 pm. Eleven people climbed Boundary and three people also climbed Montgomery. We all followed protocol in having dinner at El Charro Avitia's in Bishop. We'll do this again next year. I'll need somebody to call me and volunteer to co-lead.

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