Orocopia Mountains


By: Terry Flood


This was a joint San Diego and Angeles Chapter trip which saw a total of 35 people and four dogs stampede up the ridgeline to Orocopia Mtn., just south of Joshua Tree National Park, in some perfectly lovely weather, a window in all the recent rain we've been having lately. After lots of champagne and photo opportunities on top we were back to our vehicles by 2:00 PM for more celebrating and food. Bill Stevens shared his beautiful "quilt", composed of pictures taken on many of his adventures, and hand-made by his wife. There was a giant birthday cake, provided by Carol Snyder, with way too many candles for me. A reading of the "Top 10 Ways You Know You're on a Peakbag with Terry" provided by Mark Bender, which certainly bent reality a little bit, and the usual campfire camaraderie which involves a lot of planning for up-coming trips. I would like to thank Gail Hanna for assisting me on my List Finisher as well as several previous desert peakbag adventures; Scott Jamison and Barbee Tidball for joining me with their Angeles Chapter friends; Pete Yamagata and Rich Gnagy from the Mother Lode Chapter who drove all the way from Sacramento; Karen Leonard, Judy Ware, and Ron Hudson who joined us for the party; and thanks to Steve Thaw, Eddie Sudol, John Dodds, Russell Glavis, Suzanne Booker and others who were there in spirit. On Sunday, the group split up to do various climbs of Granite #2, or Palen Mtn., or the high point of the Cottonwoods, and some of us hiked the Lost Palms Oasis Trail in Joshua Tree.

My thanks to all the following for being there on my final DPS peak ......... Gail Hanna, Bill Stevens, Mark Adrian, Richard Carey, Fred Bright, Debra Salus, Dennis Richards, Dave Jurasevich, Rheta Schoeneman, Tom Moumblow, Ken Olson, Jim and Donna Hawkins, Ralph and Beth Davis, Jack Wickel, Carl Johnson, Bruce Kocka and Phyllis Ann-Marie with their dogs (Taos and Sierra), Paul Freiman, John Strauch, Carol Snyder, Mark Bender, Eric Beck, Lori Lando, Eileen Ricks, Reena Deutsch, Larry Tidball, Barbee Tidball, Scott Jamison and Sadie, Greg Roach, Mirna Roach, Pete Yamagata, and Rich Gnagy.

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