Mount Dubois


By: George Toby, Ron Young


We met Fri evening Jul 29 at 6:30 pm at the little town of Dyer Nevada and caravaned to the roadhead. However we somehow got on the wrong dirt road for a short distance. In turning around Tom McInally managed to get his Ford Explorer hung up on rock. I pulled him off with my new Explorer. First time I used my 4WD Low-Low. We arrived just before dark at a beautiful camp site in the trees next to a running stream with a circular turn around. It was about 1/4 mile from the end of the Middle Creek Road.

In Dyer it was over 100 degrees, but at roads end at 8,200' it was cool, and cool Sat morning when we started the hike. All carried 4 liters of water. Participants were, the Leaders plus Terry Flood, and Tom and Lynn McInally. We followed Route A up the ridges. All went well except the pace was slow to accommodate our new DPS hikers. It became a dawn to dusk hike. The weather was beautiful with high clouds most of the day. It was cool on top. On the way down it changed. We got rained on. There was rain and lightning on nearby peaks. Magnificent but scary. The name of the game was to get off those high ridges. Ron did a fine job of leading us back by a variation of Route A down a steep chute back to the cars. Dubois is big, with lots of gain and lots of miles. A nice, climb. All drove out safely without incident. Two wheel drive vehicles with good clearance can do this road. Happy Climbing.

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