Castle Dome Peak, Signal Peak


By: John McCully, Igor Mamedalin


Seems like everyone was leading Signal this winter, but this was the only time by the "easy" Ten Ewe canyon route and we got quite a nice turn out of 18 people. In the trip sheet I asked that no one bring chips and dip and the resulting food for the pot luck was the best I've seen in years. I should have designated at least one or two folks to bring a snack, however, as there was little to snack on while we waited for the main courses. Actually Vic and Sue brought a delicious smoked Salmon, the kind of thing you get as a gift but that two people could never eat in several sittings so wind up taking to a party.

Signal went smoothly, but we barely fit into the available 4-WD vehicles to get to the starting point. The hike took about five hours with no untoward events. Castle Dome took a bit longer as it can be a piece of work, especially with a dog along. Linda McDermott decided to leave her dog below the ledges but I'm ever determined in these matters so we hauled Mandy up the bad pitch using a short rope I'd brought along for that purpose. Only one person who was along Sunday opted to skip doing the summit.

Participants were yours truly and his wife Carol, Igor (Assistant Leader), Suzanne and Tanya Mamedalin, Chris Newcomer, Neal Scott, Fred Johnson, Randy Ragland, Tom Hill, Mitch Miller, Janet Strom, Linda McDermott, Gary Craig, Sue Wyman, Vic Henney, Phil Reher, Evelyn Reher.

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