Old Dad Mountain


By: Barbara Cohen


At last--to be eligible to wear the pin with the sheep's derriere!

We got a very late start (11:30am). My son Richard and his friend Daphne were camped at the wrong road. Fortunately, others made the same error and directed them to our camp spot. Patty Kline, while taking a leak, noticed that her car's radiator was following suit--and thus we were concerned about her getting to Baker on Sunday.

Within the first hour, my co-leader Charlie Knapke pulled a muscle in his left leg and was unable to continue the hike. Devra Wasserman returned to camp with him. I wished that they could have celebrated with us on the summit. Charlie and I have led numerous trips together and I hope to be there for his DPS finish.

As described in the guide, we took the ridge to the summit where we lunched and champagned. Thanks to Dan Richter and Patty for presenting me with THE PIN. We had three groups on the down-climb--a few on the class 3 route, most in the gully, and some on the ridge. All were in camp before dark. Then the real celebration began. Food, glorious food.

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate this day and make it so memorable. Perhaps the desert isn't such a hostile place after all.

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