Hayford Peak, Mount Stirling


By: Igor and Suzanne Thomas-Mamedalin


Due to the leaders' prior commitments, the group did not meet in Shoshoneuntil 10:30 AM Saturday. After flushing everyone out of the Crow-Bar Saloon weheaded northeast through Pahrump, a growing metropolis, to the roadend atStirling Peak. The directions in the Road and Peak Guide are accurate with thelast mile of the dirt road washed out to the point of being impassable to atank. Lunch was consumed at the roadend. The scramble to the summit and backtook less than 3 hours. Along the summit ridge we viewed some petroglyphs. Theweather was sunny and clear.

After returning to the cars we caravaned south along 95 to the turnoff toCorn Springs and followed Alamo Road to the Hidden Forest Road turnoff.Following the Hidden Forest Road (for 3.5 miles) we expected to camp at its endin peaceful solitude. Alas, we discovered a large encampment of the equestrianset .. at least two dozen horse trailers and assorted vehicles and their cowboyattired attendants. Retreating back a quarter mile we camped along the road.While we were guzzling libations and chomping down the hors d'oeuvres around asmall campfire, a friendly BLM ranger stopped by on his rounds after checking inon the equestrian set.

Sunday morning we headed up the canyon toward the peak quietly passing thesleeping horse riders. After reaching the cabin at the end of the canyon wefollowed the northern ridge to the peak. Good weather prevailed and we wereafforded good views while eating lunch on the summit. On the descent weencountered the horse riders eating a catered lunch at the cabin .. burgers, hotdogs, etc. .. salivating we passed by them .. we were not invited to theirfeast. Maybe we should have invited them to our lunch on the summit?

We reached the vehicles about the same time as the equestrians rode out ofthe canyon. Packing up we headed for Vegas. On the drive out Tom's Jeepdeveloped an ulcer necessitating a change in Tom's plans to climb Charleston.Some of us stopped for dinner at the Mirage or was it the Excaliber .. its allthe same. Many thanks to all trip participants for a fine weekend in the desert!The fine set of participants were: Igor, Suzanne, Tanya and Comet Mamedalin, SueWyman, Vic Henney, Jack Archibald, David Campbell, Ron Young, and Tom Sakowych.

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