Sentinel Peak


By: Barbara Cohen, Charlie Knapke, Jim Raiford


Despite the wind and cold temperatures, our group of nine conquered Sentinel Peak on Sunday, Nov.22, We started up Surprise Canyon at 8ar Saturday. The first rile was the nest enjoyable with rainy wet waterfalls to surmount. Our next goal was overcoming boredom on the endless road to Panamint City, We arrived at 11:30 and, much to our dismay, the best cabins already were occupied by a Sierra Club group from northern San Diego county who had hiked in on Friday. Perhaps the forlorn expression on my face persuaded them to relinquish the upper cabin which had a stove.

After a leisurely afternoon of exploring the mines, we had an early happy hour and socialized until bedtime, Then it became a giant slumber party with seven of us crammed in the cabin while the other two opted for the 'shopping mall' accommodations.

Sunday, we were on our way by 7am following the road to its end and then climbing the ridge to the summit. We signed in at 10am and after a brief stay, started back down to pack and hike out. We made it to the cars before 4pm. There, the friendly dog who had hiked in with us, climbed the peak with us, and hiked out with us, was reunited with his owner who lived at the trailhead (talk about solitude).

This was a very enjoyable weekend and a most congenial group. My thanks to Charlie and Jim for assisting. The other participants were: Bruce Aresbury, Basil Anton, Wendy Dixon, Diann Fried, .Patty Kline, and Devra Wasserman.

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