Brown Peak, Eagle Mountain #2


By: Bill Bradley, Barbara Reber


There was a good turn-out at the meeting place in Shoshone Saturday morning. A mixture of 16 old timers and newcomers were present with only two no-shows. Fourteen started up the chute on Eagle and part way up were entertained by two prairie falcons who were disturbed by the fact that we were coming too close to their nesting site. All made it to just below the summit block where two chose to wait there for the twelve who went on to the summit. This was the first desert peak for Janet Damen and also the first mountaineering adventure for Lynelle Martin. Three list finishers were along including George Toby, Barbara Reber and myself. One getting close to that status is Rich Gnagy, who also may have started the earliest, with his first desert peak in 1939.

The sand on the northern approach to Brown was particularly soft this year in the absence of rain, and we wound up pulling out Rose Stein and Linda McDermott in their two-wheel drive vehicles. Saturday night most of the group opted to go to the Amargosa Opera House which should be reported on elsewhere in this Sage.

Sunday morning the leader found one of his tires flat. Phil Reher had two cans of tire goop which worked temporarily, but we had to change the tire eventually. Thirteen started out for the peak, with Phil Reher agreeing to fill in as assistant, inasmuch as Barbara felt ill. Twelve made the summit without incident, with one vowing to try again another day. The only casualty of the trip was George Toby who cut his finger on a rock going up Eagle.

Participants not previously mentioned were David and Elaine Baldwin, Pete Yamagata, Mitch Miller, Gary McNulty, Eric Beck and his friend Lori.

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