Spirit Mountain


By: Mirna Roach, Greg Roach


It was a cold clear night as we drove out highway 40 towards Spirit Mountain. We were looking forward to our list finishing party as much as we were looking forward to climbing the peak. The cold night air after the storm nipped at our ears and noses as we got out of the car to look at the mountains around Christmas Tree Pass. Yes, this must be the meeting place, no mistaking the high point on the road. The full moonlight on the rocks gave the mountain a beautiful glow. Looks like we saved an interesting peak for last.

The next morning we were joined by 26 hearty souls for the cold climb of Spirit Mountain. The night had been cold and breezy and the route up the peak was mostly in the shade. There were patches of snow near the summit. However, we did not let the cold weather chill our spirits, only our champagne. Well before noon 28 climbers all wearing jackets and parkas were on top of the mountain popping champagne corks which boosted our spirits. Then there was the traditional picture taking and congratulations. Thanks to all our friends who joined us.

After all that celebrating on the peak we hiked back down to our cars and found a place to camp on the West side of Christmas Tree Pass. All the side roads are blocked on the East side with many no camping signs in the area. The wind died down, we set up camp, and the party began. There was plenty of good food and drink. The campfire was warm and jolly. A good time was had by all. Special thanks to everyone who brought good food or drink for the potluck. The partiers were:

Karen Leonard, Tina Stough, Eileen Ricks, Barbee Tidball, Larry Tidball, Tom Moumblow, Scot Jamison, Julie Rush, Kay Daugherty, Mike Daugherty, Bill Stevens, Jim Fujimoto, Rich Gnagy, Pat Russell, Bill T. Russell, Ken Hardy, Barbara Cohen, Ed Zdon, Patty Kline, Wendy Rabekoff, Carol Snyder, Mark Bender, Mark Adrian, Terry Flood, Rheta Schoeneman, Jean Lorre, Carol Lorre, John Gibba, Ron Hudson, Leslie Hofherr, Dan Richter, Willy Richter, Mirna Roach, Greg Roach, Ruskie Rush, Sadie Jamison.

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