Avawatz Mountains, Clark Mountains, Kingston Peak


By: Dan Richter, Asher Waxman


Listen. These guys were great. There we were at the Kingston trailhead at 6:45 a.m. Saturday morning in the pouring rain. I said we were going to give it a try and Paula and Bruce Peterson Tom Moumblow, Randy Ragland, Carol Snyder, Mark Bender, Beth Epstein, and Jim Fujimoto joined us. At the first saddle the rain was down to a sprinkle so we elected to go on, but Tom and Randy already had the peak so they squished back down with Bruce. The clouds soon began to clear and the rain let up so that as we set off on the ridge out to the summit we could see our way. The sun broke through as we summitted and we spent a good bit of time drying out. We placed a new register and book. We lost the sun and began our decent getting back to the trucks by 2:30 p.m. with only an occasional sprinkle.

Paula had to get to Texas so she and Bruce said good bye while the rest of us went to Tecopa for the hot springs, the dryer at the Laundromat. and an early supper. After supper Beth went on to climb Telescope while the rest of us went to Avawatz where we met Bob Sumner and Erik Siering who had set up camp about a mile in from the main road. A very jolly evening was had by all.

Bob and Erik went off before first light and our group followed shortly after having no trouble on the recently graded road to the microwave station. The road for the rest of the way was quite passable. The day was post rain beautiful and we met the intrepid Bob and Erik coming off the summit. We were back to the vehicles by 10:30 a.m. and soon back to camp where we ended the official part of the flip. Everyone went home except for Tom who went off to Old Dad and Asher and I who went to Clark Mountain.

Asher and I had a leisurely climb of Clark and ran into Erik and Bob coming down the third class pitch. It was a bit damp and slippery which spawned some interesting discussion. On the way down below the pitch we crossed to the leftward ridge and visited the remains of a small plane that had crashed. Let me tell you we had a great weekend.

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