Black Butte, Chuckwalla Mountains


By: Greg Roach


Twenty-three happy campers and two desert dogs met Saturday morning on the road about a mile from the Corn Springs Campground. The Chuckwalla Mountains were ready for exploration this weekend and we were in the right place at the right time. A red sky greeted us as we peered out of our vehicles Saturday morning. This was a good day for a hike. The weather in this part of the desert was glorious.

The northern route to Black Butte crosses the mountains south of the Corn Springs Road and drops down into the Ship Creek drainage. We then followed the drainage up to Black Butte and climbed the Northeast ridge of the mountain. This is a scenic strenuous hike. We got back to camp as the sun was sinking low in the late afternoon sky.

There is a good flat sandy spot to camp right off the corn spring road about a mile before the campground and one canyon east of the route to Black Butte.

Our tired spirits were soon revived with beer, wine, chips and salsa. That night we celebrated Terry Flood's' birthday. Dinner highlights included taquitos served with salads, homemade tamales and apple pie. Not to mention the birthday cake Carol Snyder brought.

Sunday morning brought another beautiful day. We had plenty of time to explore the petroglyphs at Corns Spring for about a an hour and we were off to climb Chuckwalla. The route described in the guide was followed and all went well.

Thank to all the participants who made this weekend a success; they are the following Scot Jamison, Jim Fujimoto, Thomas Moumblow, John Cheslick, Donna Cheslick, Terry Flood, Carol Snyder, Mark Bender, Mark Adrian, Thomas Norton, Gene Mauk, Eileen Ricks, Julie Rush, Rick May, Vi Grasso, Dan Shearer, Dave Welbourn, Bill Stevens, Gerhard Japp, Bob Wyka, Doug Jones, Chang Lee, and Mirna Roach. In addition, the two dogs Rusky and Oso who behaved very well.

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