Nelson Range, Pleasant Point


By: Jim Raiford


Six people met at the intersection of Hwy 395 & 190 in Olancha at 7 AM Following DPS guide, drove via 190, 136 and dirt road to saddle just above Cerro Gordo. Started hiking up road at 8:15, in cold and breezy weather with clouds moving in. Then along ridge to summit with no difficulty. Brief sign-in and rest on summit of Pleasant then re-trace steps to cars. Round trip time three hours and ten minutes. Drove back down to hwy, stepping for lunch and flat tire about half way down. Followed instructions to Nelson, passing a "bridge out" sign at beginning of section of bad road. Parked below cabin. Went straight up side and over false summits to actual peak. Weather getting colder and windy so we had another short rest and back down "sandy gully" to cars. Round trip one hour and fifty minutes. Back out to hwy and headed home. Trip was scheduled to be a weekend but we did it in one day which was good since we got a fairly good rain on the way home. Participants: Bill Faulkner, Charlie Knape, Bob Meader, John Cheslick, Barbara Cohen and Jim Raiford.

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