Mummy Mountain


By: David Hammond


My first attempt of Mummy Mtn was Memorial day week end 1990, which was snowed out after a successful hike up Charleston.

So last winter I got my last two peaks in California. I joined the DPS for Old Woman Thanksgiving week end. This turned out to be a 4WD trip, so being in my sporty Nissan I did not attempt the other peaks! I met the DPS group in Death Valley for that 'new' peak Canyon Point, appropriately my last in Calif. After the group climbed Last Chance and Sandy every one left except the two leaders. So I made my second to last peak with them in style! Our drive up Marble canyon afterwards was great.

So to the last one - Mummy Mtn. The DPS trip in May was canceled due to excessive snow, so I put off my trip for Memorial week end till September. My usual partner Don Hudson, who was on the first attempt, was joining me, and I sent out notifications to anyone else interested. I got a response from Delores Holladay. So I drove over to Los Angeles to pick up the two participants and headed to Las Vegas and the roadhead. So on the 17th Sept we made our way up a ridge to the only gap in the cliffs which surround the summit. On top of Mummy I was congratulated for finishing the list, and had champagne down at the car, a great feeling! We stayed in Las Vegas that night, and Delores flew back to Burbank the following morning.

Don and I spent the rest of the week climbing a couple of peaks in Colorado. We drove across Utah, through Aspen to the start of Colorado's highest, Mt Elbert. We hiked up the trail in showers, and on top it was a blustery blizzard! It snowed in Denver that night, so next day we checked the snow on Loveland pass, before going on to our second peak Mt Harvard. This peak was deceptive with several false summits, which took us 14 hours. We drove back through the scenic ranges of SW Colorado, and on to Phoenix, where Don flew back to L.A. We enjoyed the peaks of Colorado, and may return.

Mummy Mtn is a good list finishing peak, with a paved road and the proximity of Las Vegas for celebrations. I would have much preferred doing the last one with a group, but that would mean waiting to next year!

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