Eagle Mountains #1, Pinto Mountain


By: Barbee Tidball


After rearranging leaders last year and not even making the climb in 1992, Scot and I felt almost obligated to make the trip as leaders this year. Rain threatened, both Scot and I had colds...but with the aid of cold drugs, a French Toast and Bacon breakfast and true guilt if we canceled Scot and I met the group Saturday morning.

The DPS guide is very incorrect when it comes to locating the large parking area (guide says 7.5 miles from the Entrance station) but fortunately the is a dirt road crossing at 9.5 miles so we all grouped there and then drove another 5 or 6 miles into to park to the parking area. Thanks to John and Donna for leading us to the parking area.

The climb of Pinto went smoothly up the ridge route and we all were on the summit in 2 1/2 hours for lunch. The group included Barbee Tidball, Scot Jamison, Dave Welbourn, John and Donna Cheslick, Erik Siering, Eileen Ricks, Owen Hembrock, Marilyn Krist, Bronagh Lynch, and Elaine and David Baldwin. On the way down we descended about 600 feet on the ridge and then dropped down to the canyon. The canyon can be followed all the way out to the open desert and was a fun variation for our return route. We encountered a couple locations with low third class rock for 6 to 10 feet but nothing to be concerned about even with a group that isn't used to rock. Thanks to Erik for encouraging me to try this route.

Our group had a reservation at the Cottonwood camp ground and with fears of a rainy night we all headed to the campsite. It was cold, so the camp fire was lit by 5 pm and food laid out for a happy hour feast. Helen Thompson is becoming famous for her salads, Bronagh made fabulous mincemeat (walnuts etc.) pastries and Scot brought his DPS special wine along with many, many other- goodies. The stars were out by early evening, then it clouded up and rained lightly for a couple minutes and then the stars were back $or the night. Pt was a bit windy and cold camping but friends and a big fire made for a warm night.

Sunday we were up at 6am and a smaller group (Barbee, Scot, Erik, Dave, Gwen, Helen Thompson and Eileen) started hiking close to 7:30 for Eagle #1, via route B. We all enjoyed the hike through the wash and the rock formations, The bowl below the summit is a beautiful area. Once on the summit the wind was blowing strong and cold so we signed in quickly and headed down, returning to our cars by 2:30pm.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend. Congratulations to Owen Hembrock and Elaine Baldwin Pinto was their first DPS peak. And Congratulations to Eileen Ricks and Bronagh Lynch for completing their 6th DPS peaks

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