Last Chance Mountain, Sandy Point


By: Patty Kline


We meet at 6:30am at the wide, flat spot in the road about three quarters of a mile west of the roadhead for Sandy. There were 17 of us, a big group. The weather couldn't have been better on this cool spring day. It was a nice change after months of rain. Time of 7-8 hours in the guide seems a little off for Sandy. Our large group with all varieties of conditioning did it in under 7 hours. The peak at 7062 feet is a smooth class 1 peak in 11 miles and 2000 feet of gain. We had lunch on top with great views of the Eureka Dunes.

We drove our collection of vehicles, including low slung sporty types part of the way to the roadhead to Last Chance Saturday afternoon. We stopped driving when Bob Sumner said his van saw it's life flash before it while avoiding some of the larger rocks in the road. We camped at that point with many level spots for the vehicles. Since we were outside the boundary of Death Valley National Monument, we were able to have a campfire without a fire pan.

The happy hour started early around 3:30pm, which lasted until around 10 at night, including the dinner and campfire. Bill T. Russell conducted the campfire. He called on everyone in turn. Everyone got a chance to say when they joined the Sierra Club and what was their most unforgetable DPS adventure.

The next day we started at 7:30am for the Last Chance roadhead in some of the 4x4 vehicles. The road was in good shape. We had fun inspecting the cabin at the end of the road. It is open to anyone who needs a bed and food. It was immaculately maintained and stocked with supplies. From the kitchen table there is a nice view. Anyone using the cabin is expected to leave it clean and welcome to the next user.

Last Chance is a 8456 feet and a 5 mile hike with 3000 feet of gain. This was a pleasant class 1 peak with great views of the High Sierra and the northern Death Valley peaks. We were done and back to the cabin at 1:30pm.

This was a great outing. Thank you to Bob Sumner for leading this with me, and to the participants for coming, The participants were George Toby, Bruce Peterson, Paula Peterson, Judy Oar, Bill T. Russell, Dave Welbourn, Delores Holladay. Mark Adrian, Terry Flood, Tom Moumblow, David Halterman, Elaine O'Connell, Mark Bender, Carol Snyder and Barbara Reber.

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