Pahrump Point, Pyramid Peak


By: Asher Waxman, Karen Leonard


Ten hardy Desert Peakers met 7:30 at Death Valley Junction 8 after driving up not-quite-the-right-dirt-road, were hiking towards Pyramid by 8:20. The day was consistently cool, "good for climbing"--except far the chill of wetness from exertion. Views were excellent of Telescope & Charleston, whose major snow cover was echoed in small patches near the summit of Pyramid. Despite our easy pace both up & down, we were back to cars by 3:50 pm (1550). Paula and Bruce Peterson needed to leave for home (enjoyed your company on the clime). The rest of us met later at Mud Flats, round a campfire--after the promised & pleasant visit to Tecopa Hot Springs.

Karen, Patty Kline, Alice Cahill (& Tom Moumblow?) liked their dinner and margaritas at the cafe in Shoshone. I was treated to Mirna & Greg Roach's hospitality, in the form of Mirna's delicious, totally fresh chili & fresh salsa (thanks, again!). Later, Dale Van D., Judy Ware & others from their group convivially joined us by the fire.

Sun morning, joined by David Hammond (from Tucson), eight of us set off for Pahrump (Alice had left to photograph in DV). On the trail at 8:30, topping out about 11:30 8 getting the first raindrops just as we were starting down. Sporadically, drops turned to showers, which didn't dampen our enjoyment of the descent (speaking for myself). Back to cars by 2:30. John McCully, solo scouting the canyon descent just SW of ours, beat us down by 20 minutes--and did not recommend his route as an alternate.

Thanks to all for your contributions to a fine weekend, and especially to Karen for her excellent assistance.

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