Eagle Mountain #2, Stewart Point


By: Bill T Russell, Barbara Cohen


We met before 1 130 at the departure point for Eagle as given in the peak guide. The Amargosa River had so much flow that we had to wade across. We climbed the side of the mountain by the route in the guide. We went to the crest and then along the crest to the south toward the summit. At one place we went around a rocky false summit on the east side. The 3rd class places are very short, say 10 ft, and easy. The register container is a good cookie can and the book is fine and 1/2 full. We left a DPS good book We were back at the cars by about 3 pm.

We drove back to Shoshone and then on Hwy 178 to a point about 1.5 mi NE of the usual departure point for Stewart. At this point, a dirt road goes off to the NW and leads to a small valley that could be a reasonable departure point for Stewart. However the road is very marginal for street vehicles so we made camp at a nice spot about 0.6 mi in.

Sunday morning we drove back to the departure point for Stewart and started climbing at 0630. It was a very pleasant climb. We were on top by 0920 where we admired the view of snow covered Telescope Pk to the west and Charleston Pk to the east. After some fuel we descended and reached the cars before noon. Stewart has a cookie can register container. One book is a lousy top spiral 1978-90 and the other is a newish side spiral placed by Steve Smith in Oct 90. There were six parties in 1991 and we were the first in 92.

We climbed the peak by the route in the guide. As stated in the guide, the route starts at the highway at 754003 and goes across the desert at about 300" AZ, to the saddle at 733012. From here it goes to 730016 and then up a small side drainage that cuts off a bend in the main creek At 729019, the route descends down a bank about 20' back to the dry creek bed and then goes west up the bed. At 726020, one leaves the creek and climbs west up the bank for perhaps 80' and then descends back to the creek at 724020. From here the route goes 200 m west to the major fork named in the guide at 722021 and then up the ridge to the summit. The quality of the map in the guide is not so good; to follow the route description given here, the 7.5' topo(1984) is needed. It was a very pleasant trip with good weather and fine people. Bruce Peterson bagged his sixth DPS peak on Stewart and we congratulated him on qualifying for DPS membership.

Participants were: Bill T Russell, Paula Peterson, Roy Magnusson, Pat Russell, Bruce Peterson, Jim Conley, Barbara Cohen, Russell Glavis, Walt Kabler (Eagle only), Stuart Rigney, Suzanne Booker, Caroline Kabler

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