Hayford Peak, Mount Stirling


By: Larry Tidball, Scott Jamison


12 participants met us before sunrise on Saturday at the Hayford trailhead for this long hike. The walk up the old road to Wiregrass Spring went quickly with the easy terrain and wide track allowing for plenty of conversation. After a brief stop at the cabin we followed the peak guide ridge route to the summit.

On the summit Martha Flores announced that this was her List Finisher! We weren't prepared to celebrate properly with no liquids but water on hand. Congratulations were made by all on the summit, but the celebration was delayed until back in camp.

For our return to the cabin from the summit we took the Peak Guide canyon route and would recommend it over the ridge route (less brush and loose rock).

With only about an hour of light left when we got back to the cars we elected to camp on the desert about 4 miles back down the road from the trailhead towards the park headquarters. We had a great view to the "Mummy" across the way. The happy hour celebration continued for Martha, and Bob Greenawalt provide some unique taped entertainment.

Sunday we had a smaller group on Stirling but we all enjoyed the short easy hike and the petroglyphs near the summit ridge. Many of us stopped off at the Tecopa Hot Springs on the way home.

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